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Dairy Cattle

Cattle rearing is a main branch under the livestock management. This is more popular among most of the farmers all over the world. There are many small scales and the large scales farms distributed all over the world. This dairy cattle farming is not a new concept to the world. USA, India, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and France are the countries which have larger dairy production. Of them India is the largest dairy milk producer and USA is the second largest producer. Other countries too practice this dairy farming at a considerable level. The high demand for the cattle milk is the major reason that leads for the popularity of the dairy farm sector.

Cattle milk

Cattle milk plays a major role in main meals all over the world. Most of us are used to drink a cup of milk early in the morning. Most of the time it is prepared using a milk powder which is a product obtained by the milk. It is a must to include in our meals if we want to have a balanced diet. The cattle milk itself can consider as a whole milk due to it high nutrition content. Dairy cattle milk is rich with nutrition like protein (casein and whey), calcium, magnesium etc.  

The value-added products of the cattle milk like yoghurt, cheese, ice cream, butter and etc. are also highly consumable by the people all around the world. Normally we use cattle milk to make so many sweets too like milk toffee. Dairy milk is consumed by most of the people through various forms. Because of its popularity many farmers are engaging in rearing dairy cattle.

Dairy cattle farming

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As the main reason to start dairy cattle farm, I think it is the popularity of the milk and the milk products.

The demand for the milk and the milk products are really high and it is not decreasing. With the time the population increases and I am sure that with this the demand for the milk also will increase.

This also can practice in small scale in your households as an extra income. You can use your family labor to manage your small farms.

It promises a good income with a higher milk production. There are many breeds of cattle now you can have which promises a good milk yield.

Depending on your geological location and the temperature of the area you can select the best breed for your farm.

There are various ways through which you can have knowledge about the cattle farming due to its popularity.

Some dairy cattle breed

There are so many cattle breeds all over the world. From them you can select the best for your area.

There are mainly two types names Bos indicus which are suitable for the dry areas and Bos taurus suitable for the temperate regions. Some of the famous breeds you can select from includes Friesian, Jersey, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi.

Dairy cattle farming also needs the concentration on some management practices. They are housing practices, feeding, record keeping in the farm, vaccination, breeding etc. we will discuss about each and every practice through my future posts.

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