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Cattle Feed – Roughages

In Agriculture or farming animal farming plays a key role. The animal farming produces the key protein source of food in our daily meals. There are different types of farm animals. Among then the cattle farming or cows farming and the goat farming lies at the top. When rearing cattle there are some important management […]

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Cattle Breeding and Heat Detection

Cattle Breeding can identify as one of the most important management practices in a cows farming. If we consider about dairy cattle farming proper breeding allow us to have a higher milk yield as well as with other desirable characters for easy management. Breeding can simply understand as mating the female cow and the male […]

cattle dairy farming Feeding Management Practices

How to Feed your Cattle

When rearing cattle, feeding them with proper and nutritious feed is a must if you want to have a better milk yield as well a carcass yield. Here we are going to focus mainly on feeding the dairy cows. The feeding practices of cows differ from their age or their physiological stage. The feed must […]

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Dairy Cattle Housing Systems

In a cattle farm providing the systematic housing system is very essential if you need to have healthy and high milk giving cows. A proper management of the cattle shed should do continuously to have a higher economic yield. The care must give to each and every individual cattle in the housing system. The housing […]

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Dairy Cattle

Cattle rearing is a main branch under the livestock management. This is more popular among most of the farmers all over the world. There are many small scales and the large scales farms distributed all over the world. This dairy cattle farming is not a new concept to the world. USA, India, New Zealand, Australia, […]