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Bull Management

As we all know to have a better milk yield from our cow farm, we need to have better calves. To produce the needed cows, we need to maintain a proper breeding mechanism. Only then we can own a better standing stock of the calves with better qualities. For that it is a must to […]

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Cattle Breeding and Heat Detection

Cattle Breeding can identify as one of the most important management practices in a cows farming. If we consider about dairy cattle farming proper breeding allow us to have a higher milk yield as well as with other desirable characters for easy management. Breeding can simply understand as mating the female cow and the male […]

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Dairy Cattle

Cattle rearing is a main branch under the livestock management. This is more popular among most of the farmers all over the world. There are many small scales and the large scales farms distributed all over the world. This dairy cattle farming is not a new concept to the world. USA, India, New Zealand, Australia, […]